Oracle Prices


X10 relies on Mark and Index Prices obtained from 5 nodes of an independent Oracle Provider, Stork:

  • Mark Prices are used to determine the liquidability of accounts and calculate positions' unrealized PnL.

  • Index Prices are used for the calculation of Funding Payments. For detailed information on the calculation of Funding Payments, please refer to the section on Funding Payments.

For a deeper understanding of the approach Stork employs to define Mark and Index Prices, explore Stork's comprehensive documentation.

Utilizing independent Oracle Providers like Stork helps prevent potential price manipulation and ensures an equitable and accurate reflection of asset values within the X10 ecosystem.

Price Denomination

Both, Mark and Index Prices sourced from Stork are USD denominated. This means that on X10 USD PnL is settled in USDC given USDC margin.

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