We are an ex-Revolut team with hands-on experience in launching fintech products for millions of retail users. Our expertise extends beyond fintech, with a solid background in developing high-performance trading infrastructure. Our team members have contributed to leading TradFi firms and CeFi exchanges, such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Bitget, and Lykke.

The founding team behind X10 includes:

  • @rf_x10, CEO: Former Head of Crypto Operations at Revolut, ex-McKinsey.

  • @x10_dk, CTO: Architect of 4 crypto exchanges, including recently launched Revolut Crypto Exchange.

  • @spooky_x10, CBO: Former Lead Engineer at Revolut Crypto and one of the major contributors behind Corda blockchain.

Our journey as a team began at Revolut, where we witnessed millions of retail users joining crypto during the last bull run, the scarcity of high-quality products outside the leading 10-20 exchanges, and a suboptimal DeFi experience. The fall of FTX and the resulting loss of trust in centralized solutions underscored the need for change. We also recognized the significant opportunity in DeFi derivatives, noting that CeFi derivatives outperformed DeFi derivatives by a factor of 100x, whereas the difference in spot trading was merely 20x.

Driven by these insights and our combined expertise, we founded X10. Our goal is to rival centralized exchanges (CEXs) in latency, throughput, and feature set while upholding the principles of self-custody and transparency. Initially focusing on perpetuals, our ambition is to broaden our product range to parallel leading exchanges and provide an exceptional user experience that makes DeFi trading accessible to millions of retail users.

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