Vision and Roadmap

Introduction to X10

X10 is a self-custody exchange committed to delivering the ultimate trading experience while enforcing on-chain trade settlement and complete transparency.

At launch, users will be able to trade perpetual contracts across 30+ markets with USDC as collateral and up to 50x leverage. In the long term, X10 aims to evolve into a full-fledged exchange matching the product offering of best-in-class centralized exchanges.

Principles Behind X10

Safety and Transparency

  • Self-Custody: Users retain full custody and control over their funds on X10. Exchange does not have access to user funds.

  • On-Chain Settlement and Validations: Trades are settled on the blockchain with embedded smart contract validations of the trading logic that prevent fraudulent or incorrect transactions.

  • Independent Oracle Price Providers: X10 relies on mark prices obtained from independent oracle providers to prevent potential price manipulations and ensure fair valuation of positions.

Enhanced Trading Experience

  • Remarkable Performance: X10 offers unparalled execution speed with low latency, high throughput and instant trade finality, rivaling centralized exchanges.

  • Advanced Trading Features: Offering a trading experience matching top centralized exchanges, X10 supports multiple trading sub-accounts, partial liquidation logic, and a variety of order types.

Premier UX

  • CeFi-Like Experience: X10 integrates the best elements from leading centralized exchanges, allowing for full layout customization and providing advanced market and portfolio analytics.

  • Seamless Onboarding: Secure one-click wallet creation, extensive on/off-ramping options, and an upcoming mobile app to enhance user convenience.

Low Fees, Rebates

  • Fees and Rebates: X10 offers fees and rebates comparable to leading centralized exchanges (see X10 Fees and Rebates here).

Product Roadmap

X10 has an ambition to become a full-fledged self-custody exchange matching product portfolio and trading experience of best-in-class centralized exchanges, while enforcing self-custody, on-chain trade settlement, and complete transparency.

Our MVP features perpetual contracts but we target to cover the following products post MVP:

  • Spot trading;

  • Inverse perpetuals;

  • Cross-collateral unified margin;

  • Money markets and vaults.

X10 future roadmap also includes transitioning from StarkEx to our proprietary zero-knowledge dappchain, finely tuned to meet the evolving demands of our expanding product.

For more details on our product and vision, please read the blog X10 vision.

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