Account Creation

Wallet Connection

X10 is compatible with all wallets on the Ethereum Mainnet that use Wallet Connect.

Wallet Creation

For users without a wallet, X10 offers a one-click, secure creation of a Particle MPC wallet. This can be done using one of the following options: Google account, Apple ID, email, Facebook, Twitter, or Discord.

After creating the Particle wallet, users must remember to use the same account to access the wallet. For example, if a Google account was used to create the wallet, the same Google account must be used to access it again.

When creating a Particle MPC wallet via X10, users will be prompted to create a Master Password. This password encrypts the user's private key on the device and is crucial for wallet security. Particle does not save this password and does not support any form of recovery if it is forgotten. Users must keep this password properly secured.

Users can access their Particle wallet using the same credentials as on X10 through the Particle wallet interface and any other application that supports Particle wallets.

For more information on the security and design of Particle MPC wallets, users can refer to Particle's comprehensive documentation.

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